Sunday 16th July 2023, 3pm-5pm – Town Centre, Ringwood, Hampshire
Sunday 16th July 2023, 3pm-5pm – Town Centre, Ringwood, Hampshire

About the Event

A high speed, high fun race event based in the heart of Ringwood, where teams of daredevils race their pedal powered hot-rods around a street circuit though our beautiful Hampshire market town

This year, the British Pedal Car Grand Prix celebrates its 36th year since it was run in Ringwood back in 1987. Originally inspired by the Pedal Car Races held in Ringwood’s twin-town of Pont-Audemer in Normandy, Ringwood Round Table took up the mantle of organising a similar event to celebrate all of the fun, competitiveness & determination that Pedal Car Racing embodies!  Fast forwards thirty six years, and we’ve gone almost full circle! The 2022 event, the first in 4 years thanks to the Pandemic, was co-organised by Ringwood & District Round Table along with an amazing team of past & present competitors, and we look forward to bringing you the best event this side of the New Forest for 2023!

The race itself runs on the Sunday and is a two hour endurance race around the closed off streets of Ringwood town centre. The pedal cars assemble in the Furlong Centre from 10.00am, and are displayed there for the morning, prior to the parade laps from 2.30pm, with the race starting at 3.00pm. Spectators are able to walk around the whole course to watch the race from various different vantage points.

The whole emphasis of the event is to have FUN! The pedal cars vary greatly in design with some very light and aerodynamic competitive cars, whilst others are built to amuse the crowds. Each car has a team of up to four pedallers who can change over as many times as they like, which makes pit lane viewing very interesting for the spectators!

The event also raises sponsorship money that is then donated to various charities decided by pedal car committee. The emphasis being to ensure that two or three local charities are beneficiaries of the money raised, and usually a cross section of charities are chosen so that the money benefits both the young and not so young alike. As well as local competitors, the race also attracts entrants from across the country. In 2016 teams travelled from Bristol, Rugby and Chippenham and even Germany to take part. Some are members of the British Pedal Car Committee, and hope to come and give our local teams something to think about!